Awareness trainings
  • Awareness programs for anyone requiring awareness and understanding of the principles and application of ISO 9000 (Quality Management System), ISO 14000(Environment Management System) and other systems

Worker/ Supervisor Level Training
  • Down level training necessary for complete ISO 9001,ISO 14001, ISO 18001 & ISO 22000 implementation

Internal Quality Auditing Training
  • Practical training for development of in house team for internal audits

Six Sigma Training
  • Six Sigma is a proven disciplined approach for improving measurable results controlling variations

5S Training
  • Training for organizing and standardizing workplace by improving housekeeping, inventory management & workplace environment

  • Training for use of kaizen (continues improvement) to make ongoing and substantial improvement in the processes

Waste management
  • Training for using the Japanese techniques 3M for waste management in industries

Quality Circles
  • Training for constituting quality teams and quality teams functions

Statistical Process Control and MSA
  • Training for use of statistical process control and MSA for process improvements

  • Training for tools of process analysis and improvements

TPM (Total productive Maintaince)
  • Training for maximize equipment productivity

Autonomous Maintenance
  • Training for operators to maintain their equipments by performing

SMED (single minute exchange of dies)
  • Training for minimizing set up and change over times to fasten rate of production.

  • Training to establish & implement Good Manufacturing Practices in pharma and food industry

NABH (National accreditation)
  • Training for hospitals and medical services to comply NABH standards

Behavioral & Motivational Training
  • Behavioral & Motivational training for human resources performance enhancement and personal grooming aspects including stress management, time management etc.

Rejection control & process improvement
  • On-line Job training of employees for improving internal processes and thereby reducing rejections

Preparing For School Accreditation
  • Training to Management, Teachers and School Administrators who wish to implement Accreditation Standard for Quality School Governance in the schools